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keep your business
growing, we’ll
take care of
your PKI.

keep your business
growing, we’ll take care of
your PKIs.


The more your infrastructure grows, the more complex your PKI management becomes and the risk of business disruption or a security breach increases.

PKI Management
as a real expertise


Mastering and

Mapping, monitoring and maintaining hundreds or thousands of certificates is a big deal. A neglected, expired or incorrect certificate represents a security or operational impact for your cyber system. By ensuring continuity and securing your processes, you can eliminate security and operational risks.



The migration of an existing PKI to a new hierarchy and modern PKI solution requires significant skills and resources. Experience in use case specification, process design and technical implementation ensures the envisioned business value and secures investments for the future.


Developing cutting-
edge infrastructures

As technology solutions in enterprises grow to further complex models, the secure management of service and machine identities and credentials is a cornerstone for secure service delivery. Automated certificate lifecycle solutions are a must for every enterprise in the future.

Icone PKI

In addition to
our cybersecurity consultancy and PKI expertise, we provide you operational services dedicated to
IIoT & IoT certificate management.

BxC Consulting - PKI Certificate


Our skillful team is dedicated to your infrastructure security throughout the entire journey of building and maintaining a PKI.

BxC Consulting - PKI Certificate


We set up and manage certificates with a high degree of automation in lifecycle processes and support your teams in their use.

BxC Consulting - PKI Certificate


We offer you tailor-made, innovative and optimal solutions according to your company’s security needs and business goals.

We make your cyber
system affordable
and manageable by:

Assessing your businessneeds and use cases

Assessing your Business
Needs and Use Cases

We analyse your company’s business and security needs and requirements, check external regulations and develop solutions that are viable in the long term, by underlying business process benefits from using digital certificates.

Migrating certificatesand certificate holders

Migrating Certificates
and Certificate Holders

We replace obsolete PKI implementations by current market solutions which include modern crypto algorithms and state-of-the-art management protocol support.

Defining thegovernance requirements

Defining the
Governance Requirements

We define the governance requirements (Certificate Policy) and the processes of certificate lifecycle management (Certificate Practice Statement) in a way that your organisation can follow and comply with them.

Supportingyour teams

your Teams

We guide, assist and work hand-in-hand with your teams in performing manual and automated lifecycle processes and address issues to solve them together sustainably.

Implementation PKI

Implementing PKI

We set up technically the different PKI components so that admins and users can use and manage them e.g., Certification Authorities, Enrollment services (for support of modern automated cert. lifecycle protocols), Registration Authorities, Validation Services (OCSP Responders, Certificate Revocation Lists).

Designing PKI models

PKI Models

We build PKI hierarchies following your functional and organisational requirements to best reflect your business needs. Certificate lifecycle services adhere to PKI governance requirements and are tailored to the underlying business process and its requirements.


Keeping Solutions

We regularly review established services and processes and make changes to all components where required. Our dedication to continuous improvement does not stop with contractual obligations, but goes beyond clients' requirements to deliver the best possible service.

Numbers are worth
a thousand words.
BxC in a nutshell:

70 M
Certificates issued by our team
CAs managed by our team
CLIENTS managed

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