Women in Cyber: BlackHoodie at Troopers 2023 in Heidelberg

In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, BlackHoodie has emerged as a beacon for women professionals. Not just another technical initiative, BlackHoodie is a powerful movement focused on women, offering specialized reverse engineering boot camps tailored for them.

This year, the picturesque city of Heidelberg, Germany, hosted its latest event, BlackHoodie @ Troopers 2023. It's noteworthy to mention that they have expanded their reach and conducted events internationally, breaking barriers and fostering inclusivity globally.

The central theme of this edition was OSINT or Open-Source Intelligence. OSINT involves gathering and scrutinizing publicly available information from media, online services, public government repositories, and more. Its significance in cybersecurity cannot be understated, acting as the frontline in predicting and mitigating potential threats using openly accessible data.

A highlight of the BlackHoodie @ Troopers 2023 was a presentation by Anso, a talented French expert with ties to OpenFacto. For the uninitiated, OpenFacto is a non-profit aiming to amplify the French-speaking OSINT scene. Their goals go beyond just advocating technical proficiency. They envision a vibrant ecosystem where OSINT enthusiasts from the French-speaking world can come together, sharing insights and pushing the discipline forward.

In the broader context of cybersecurity, OSINT often relates to another crucial aspect: Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). CTI entails the systematic collection and analysis of data about impending threats, aiming to counteract cyberattacks proactively. Anso's presentation was particularly enlightening in this regard, melding the worlds of OSINT and CTI and highlighting their interdependent nature.

For companies, especially those with a considerable female workforce like ours, having representatives like Anso in events such as Troopers 2023 serves as an inspiration. It accentuates the fact that gender doesn't define capability. As we continue to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity, it's professionals like Anso and initiatives like BlackHoodie and OpenFacto that remind us of the value of diversity, the importance of community, and the unending potential of women in tech.

Troopers 2023 was more than just an event; it was a testament to the growing influence and expertise of women in cybersecurity. As we look forward to future events, we remain hopeful and excited about the advancements and stories that the next generation of female professionals will bring to the table.

Information about the event and BlackHoodie can be found at: https://blackhoodie.re/Troopers-2023/